Bookstock returns to chill your bones on 21 Oct

"A huge thank you for last night, it was so much fun and I am glad to have been able to attend let alone present it. You've got such a lovely group of people there and some incredible authors showing off some amazing talent."

"It feels very much like a John Peel Show - ie, all the people there are really into books, and you come up with a set of writers who they wouldn't necessairily naturally gravitate too, but it introduces them to different genres/authors etc."

"I found all the readings interesting and the atmosphere friendly and cosy on a cold January night."

"Really enjoyed the night and all the authors. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to the next one."

"A great evening."

"Thought there was a good mix of readers...all very different. The band at the end was a great way to conclude."

"It's great that it's possible to attract a sterling turnout for a Saturday night reading."

"The atmosphere was very welcoming and friendly. Nice mix of readings: some serious, some fun some plain bizarre. All in all a great night out."

"A triumphant evening and we really enjoyed it."

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening... I think it would be great to have another one maybe in the Autumn - Winter?"

"Thanks for a really good evening - thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a real pleasure both hearing and meeting with the authors. I think the fact that the evening was very sociable and fun was a large part of why it worked so well."

"Really enjoyed last night at the Blue Posts. It was refreshing to hear so many good new authors talk about and read their work."

"A lovely evening. It was really great to have the authors there talking about their books and reading extracts of it - took me back to my childhood! I hope you run another event as I would love to come to another one."

"Excellent evening...very mellow and interesting. When's the next one and do you need a bigger venue?!"

"It was a first-class night, and really well organized. Shame it couldn’t have gone on till 2am!"

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